Award ceremony at Göteborg International Film Festival’s closing party

The 31st Göteborg International Film Festival closes tonight with an award ceremony at Börsen and a big party at Magasinsgatan, both indoors and outdoors. The following prizes are awarded:

The Nordic Film Award, The Church of Sweden Film Award, The FIPRESCI Award (the international film critic award to the best Nordic film), The Ingmar Bergman International Debut Award, Startsladden for best Swedish short film, the Viewer's Choice Award, and a new award for this year; The Producer Award Lorens.

The Nordic Film Award
The Göteborg International Film Festival's Nordic Film Prize is awarded the director Tomas Alfredson for his film Let the Right One in. The motivation is: "The Göteborg International Film Festival Nordic Award goes to director Tomas Alfredson for the film Let the Right One in. He succeeds to transform a vampire movie to a truly original, touching, amusing and heart-warming story about friendship and marginalisation."

The prize consists of 100.000 SEK from Västra Götalandsregionen and the Filmdraken (the Film Dragon), a statuette covered in mosaic, created by Ernst Billgren.

Let the Right One in has Swedish premiere on the 18th of April.
Press contact: Pelle Strandberg 0709-662833.

The Kodak Nordic Vision Award
The Kodak Nordic Vision Award goes to the photographer Hoyte van Hoytema for his excellent camera work in Let the Right One in. The motivation is: "The Kodak Nordic Vision Award goes to the cinematographer Hoyte van Hoyten for his exquisite camera work in Let the Right One in. His images, observant and full of details, bring out the human beings and their environment, thus adding dimensions to a multilayered story."

The prize consists of film at a value of 50.000 SEK

The Nordic jury consisted of Monika Tunbäck-Hanson (Chair Woman, Sweden), Aku Louhimies (director, Finland), Ragnar Bragason (director, Island), Anna Anthony (producer, Sweden), Sonja Richter (Sweden, Danmark), and Jørgen Storm Rosenberg (producer, Norway).

The Church of Sweden Film Award
The Danish film Go With Peace Jamil by Omar Shargawi is awarded the Church of Sweden Film Award. The prize consists of 50.000 SEK. The motivation is: "In the middle of an outburst of revenge, a conversation is made about freedom and human dignity. Faced with predestinated violence, the film describes human beings as responsible for each other and God with a possibility of freedom and reconciliation."

This year's jury consisted of Mikael Ringlander (Chair Man), Andja Arnebäck (director), Anne-Louise Eriksson (Swedish Church), Jes Nysten (clergyman and film critic).

The FIPRESCI award is given by the International federation of film critics to one the competing Nordic feature films. This year the film Go With Peace Jamil by Omar Shargawi is awarded the FIPRESCI prize. The jury made the following statement about the winner: "The FIPRESCI Jury was unanimous in selecting Go With Peace, Jamil as our winner. It impressed us with its energy, force and originality, and the way it addressed serious, topical, social and political themes in an accessible and absorbing way. We are sure that first-time director Omar Shargawi will go on to become established as a major name in Nordic cinema, and we would also like to express our delight that his film has yesterday been named as a Tiger Award winner at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Of course, we made our decision several days BEFORE the Tiger Jury: once again, where Gothenburg leads, the rest of the world follows!"

This year's jury consisted of Henrik Uth Jensen (Denmark), Bregtje Schudel (Netherlands), and Neil Young, (United Kingdom).

The Ingmar Bergman International Debut Award
This year's Ingmar Bergman International Debut Award goes to Solitary Fragments by Jaime Rosales from Spain. The motivation is: "Following Ingmar Bergman's vision for the award for 'a director making his or her debut with a film dealing with, in a broad sense, existential issu es and displaying a dynamic or experimental awareness of the cinematic means of expression', the jury has decided on Solitary Fragments directed by Jaime Rosales for its skilfully orchestrated acting, for portraying every character with love, for expressing emotions with human faces and for inviting the audience to watch the film with patience."

The TIBIDA jury consisted of Margarethe von Trotta, director, Germany, Pen-ek Ratanaruang, director, Thailand, István Szabó, director, Hungary, and Anu Koivunen, film professor, Sweden.

The prize consists of a one week stay during the Bergman Week in the summer of 2008, a DVD box with 30 Bergman films from the Ingmar Bergman Foundation and a beautiful stone from Bergman's own Fårö beach, with the director's name engraved.

Startsladden - the Short Film Award
The winner of the short film award Startsladden is I stället för Abrakadabra by Patrik Eklund. The motivation is: "The jury awards a colorful fi lm, whose creators will surely supply Swedish film with a healthy dose of humour. We are looking forward to seeing more films by Patrik Eklund."

The prize consists of technical film support at a value of 913.500 SEK, and 100.000 SEK in cash added by the Swedish Film Institute's short film commissioner Anne-Marie Söhrman Fermelin. The prize is founded by the organization Bratek and the Swedish Film Institute.

The Startsladden jury consisted of Nanna Huolman, director, Robert Lillhonga, director, Mimmi Forss, Stockholm Film Commission, Henrik A. Persson, Dagsljus.

The Producer Award Lorens
The winner of Stockholm Post Production's new producer award is Fredrik Heining for Darling. The award consists of free development of the winning producer's next feature film and is estimated to about 500.000 SEK. The winner was picked from 2007 year's Swedish feature films.

The jury consisted of Tony Forsberg (photographer), Petra Ahlin (editor), Reza Parsa (director), Jesper Bergom-Larsson (producer), Ali Boriri (film lab manager and filmer).

Viewer's Choice Award
The viewers have made their choice;
Best feature film: Three Miles North of Molkom by Robert Cannan and Corinna Villari-McFarlane, United Kingdom.
Best short film: I stället för Abrakadabra by Patrik Eklund.

The closing press conference is on Sunday, February 3 at 9am at Respekt.

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